The highest value is in how people are touched by dance,

providing them with an authentic and memorable

experience that stays with them for decades.

   Danna Reubin,


As of June 20, 2020


We recognize the following individuals and organizations for their instrumental support

in helping us serve the public through the pandemic. We are so grateful.

$5,000 and Above

Dabney+Ric Abel

Bentley Tibbs



Carol Crowe

Dr. Arleen Ford+Christopher Reynolds

Audrey Halperin



Margaret+Tom Chambers

Lisa+Forrest Hibbard

Susana Franco

Lucilo Pena

Pian Silverman Family Foundation

Donna Wilhelm Family Philanthropy Fund



Lauren Brown+Steven Borkan

Tom Fowler+Dan Guenther

Linda+Richard Shaffer

Janine+Charles Pulman

Terri Wade

Up to $499


Elizabeth Anderson

Mary Lynn Babcock

Ruth Bakal

Lety Benavides

Sheela+Marc Birnbaum

Jo+Ralph Blackburn

Michelle Blair

Richard Bollinger

Cynthia Brown

David Bryant

Kyle Bryant

Dave Buchanan

Beverly Campbell

Jerry Baden+Stan Carpenter

Karen Casey

Phil Clemmons

Benny Davis

Becca+Stephen Darrouzet

Pam+Rubi Deslorieux

Katie Dravenstott

Kathryn Earle

Laura+James Einspanier

April Ellis

Warren Ernst

Shelley Estes

David Fisher

Kim Fredenburg

Rishi Ganti

Deanna Garner

Sarah Ghanta

Orna Goldwater

Ann Graham

Randall Heffner

Melody Hicks

Up to $499, continued

Craig Holcomb

Bob Hopkins–Philanthropy Misunderstood

Keith Hughes

Burks Hunt

Nancy Israel

Mark E. Jacobs

Linda+Bill James

Vicki James

Melinda+Jim Johnson

Patsy Kahn

Thomas Kemper

Patricia Kozak

Kate+John Kuether

Bud Kusomo

Susan Lecky

Sally Lefevre

Lynn Lewis

Tara Lewis

Irene Martin

Kyle Martin

Stephanie Martinez

Gwen Mason

MaryAnn May

Muriel Mimura

Michael Morton

Christina Mintner

Mark Moyahan+Linda Farina

Jim Nugent

Scott O’Neill

Judson Parker

Patricia Pelehach

Gregory Phillips

Thomas Pullano+Brad Waites

Nycole+Steven Ray

Mark Reisig


Up to $499, continued

Lynne Richardson

Harriet+Allen Rubin

Lisa Ryan

Keira Scanks

Ean Schuessler

Carl Seago

Gary Silverman

Linda B. Smith

Lisa+Curtis Smith

Jason Stubo

Claire Taitee

Kyle Talkington

Lisa Taylor

Marion Terry

Eva Toia

Elizabeth Van Vleck

Dale Van Vleck

Diana+Cary Vernon

Lily Cabatu Weiss

David Weise

Paula Weithman

Amanda Davis West

Paula West

Steve Westcott

Georgeanne White

Latricia Willis

Susan Wilcox

Zee Zaballos

Jeanné+Butch Ziaks

Riki+Michael Zide

Texas Instruments Foundation

TIAA Serves

The Smoking Elephant Fund


As of June 20, 2020



The mission of Bruce Wood Dance is to present high-caliber, original, contemporary choreography that harnesses

the power of dance as a tool for entertainment, enrichment, and healing. Fortified by Bruce Wood®’s aesthetic,

Bruce Wood Dance produces and maintains his repertoire, commissions new work by resident choreographers and

guest dance–makers, and contributes to the quality of life in Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas, and across the nation.

Bruce Wood Dance Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors.

TACA—Performing for the Arts Ellen Kendrick Creative, Inc.

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